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GCL Solar Power Co., Ltd. ( “GCL Solar Power”), wholly-owned subsidiary of GCL-Poly Energy Holdings Limited, is a leading developer in the world capable of developing, operating and managing solar farms as well as providing supply for the the upper stream enterprises along the solar value chain. GCL Solar Power is devoted to developing project reserves of more than 2.5GW, reducing total project costs by 10-15% through a perfect layout in the value chain, and gaining large returns through cooperation with other major enterprises. Thanks to its brand, extensive relationship with other solar enterprises and tailor-made regional development strategies, GCL Solar Power has signed letters of intent on cooperation with many enterprises in a short period of time, and obtained project reserves of more than 2.5GW, including 1.2GW project reserves owned by GCL-SR joint venture.

Advantages of GCL Solar Power

GCL Solar Power can implement customized development strategy by capitalizing on GCL brand, its reputation and financial resources, including co-development strategy, to lower development costs in different target markets. GCL Solar Power has good relationship with major enterprises in the PV value chain, which will facilitate the establishment of our project reserves.

Through the long-term relationships between GCL and banks, GCL Solar Power can lower its financing costs. With non-bank financing, GCL Solar Power can capitalize on the tax incentives for the projects in the US through tax-financing structure. GCL Solar Power has formulated a series of strategies to lower its funding costs and optimize its capital structures. In respect of the supervision environment and preferential policies in different target markets, GCL Solar Power has formulated different financing strategies, such as construction loan, non-recourse project financing, sales and leaseback, and tax investors.

By integrating its EPC supply chain, GCL Solar Power can lower its project costs through long-term purchase agreement and “cost plus profit” model. In addition, GCL Solar Power cooperates with cell & module manufacturers to centralise its primary business functions (e.g., design and procurement) in China and realise economy of scale.

Through centralised control mode and long-term relationship with O&M suppliers, GCL Solar Power can lower O&M management costs with its economy of scale. String busbar chamber is introduced to improve monitoring precision, shorten troubleshooting time and improve efficiency.

GCL Solar Power’s management team has extensive experience in various aspects of relevant industries, including project construction and management, financing and electricity technology. Its project design team has more than 10 years of PV experience.

Solar Farms -Solar power station project

Built Projects

Project In Progress

Project To Be Built

  • Solar Orchard 18MW Photovoltaic Power Plant

Future Prospect

GCL Solar Power is capable of handling the overall engineering design for all the projects in China, and plans to attain EPC ability in the first half of 2012, so as to finish most of the preliminary engineering design of the projects in China and continue to enhance our supply chain control such that our costs will be lower than the market benchmark by 24%. It is estimated that a 3-4GW supply chain scale will be formed in 3-4 years.


國內-徐州20兆瓦PV Plant

位於江蘇省徐州市,占地近700畝,裝機容量20兆瓦,全資屬於保利協鑫能源控股有限公司,是我國裝機容量最大的太陽能發電站之一,也是國內最早正式入網的大型光伏發電項目。電站採用最佳固定傾角、雙軸向日跟蹤和單軸向日跟蹤等方式安裝光伏元件,並配有完善的電腦監控設施。年發電量約2200 萬度,每年可節約標煤約7,500 噸,可減排二氧化碳約20,000噸、SOX約150 噸、NOX約50 噸。