GCL-Poly is expected to turn losses into profits in the Q 1

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The expansion of high-tech products and the steady operation of existing assets
GCL-Poly is expected to turn losses into profits in the Q 1

In 2021, the photovoltaic industry, which got rid of the reputation of subsidies, opened the first year of the "14th Five-Year Plan" with high profile. Especially under the mainstream trend of global carbon emission reduction, both the industrial position and the market prospect are infinitely bright. Taking GCL-POLY as an example, industry insiders predict that the Q 1 of 2021 is expected to turn losses into profits, and it is expected to become the best profit performance quarter of GCL-POLY since the "531" PV New Deal in 2018.
According to the publicly disclosed data, on February 3rd this year, Jiangsu Zhongneng Silicon Industry Technology Development Co., Ltd., a company under GCL-POLY, which focuses on the research and development and manufacturing of granular silicon (FBR), has increased its annual effective capacity from 6,000 tons to 10,000 tons, officially entering the scale of 10,000 tons of production capacity, adding another technological innovation matrix to the field of photovoltaic raw materials in China. On the one hand, it is the expansion of high-tech products, on the other hand, it is the steady operation of existing assets, superimposed by various favorable policies of photovoltaic market, and it seems that it is a foregone conclusion that GCL will turn losses into profits in the Q 1.
More importantly, the granular silicon products launched by GCL-POLY bring more favorable information to the industry and capital market. Compared with the polysilicon produced by the traditional improved Siemens method, the production process of granular silicon is shorter, the post-treatment process is less, the investment intensity is reduced by 30%, the production power consumption is reduced by about 65%, and the demand of project personnel is reduced by 30%. At the same time, the large granular silicon of mung bean is spherical in shape and has good fluidity, which can better meet the size requirements of compound feed, avoid loss and reduce crushing cost without crushing, and eliminate the risk of introducing impurities in the crushing process.
After the technology is fully mature and used on a large scale, it will have the possibility of double subversion to the silicon material production technology and product market of the whole photovoltaic industry.

The data is the most convincing. In the Q 1,  Lonji and Zhonghuan Semiconductor Corporation, the giants of silicon wafers, announced that they had signed long orders of 91,400 tons and 350,000 tons of silicon materials with Jiangsu Zhongneng respectively, and the execution duration was 3 years long and 5 years long respectively. The total amount of the two big orders is 441,400 tons, which is estimated to be about CNY 40 billion according to the current silicon price of 90,600 yuan/ton announced by the Silicon Industry Branch. Highly respected by the capital market, it also directly brought the share price of GCL-POLY to rise more than 10 times, making GCL-POLY a super bull stock in Hong Kong's capital market.
Some analysts pointed out that looking at the overall situation of GCL-POLY in the Q 1, the future is worth looking forward to. On February 28th, GCL-Poly announced the expansion of two granular silicon projects, and the expansion plans made significant and substantial progress in Sichuan and Inner Mongolia respectively, which marked that the company focused on the main business of granular silicon and the maturity and reproducibility of granular silicon technology, and formed a "three pillars" pattern in the east, west and north across China.
According to another source, at present, many leading enterprises in the photovoltaic industry have approached GCL-POLY, which clearly shows their intention: to cooperate closely with GCL-POLY in silicon materials to build a granular silicon factory.
Expand and build factories externally, and improve quality internally. The internal logic of GCL-POLY's turning losses into profits in the the Q 1 is related to fulfilling its promise. The construction of new projects is still advancing rapidly. 10,000 tons of granular silicon in Xuzhou base is on schedule, and 20,000 tons of production capacity is advancing on schedule. In the first half of 2022, 54,000 tons will be fully produced; The quality of granular silicon has been improved steadily, and all quality indexes have reached the standard of Siemens dense material, and some indexes are better than dense material, which has been proved by production operation and downstream customers.

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